Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio

"805 wins again. Better than the API's and BAE1272. Everyone in the band agreed hands down."

"I have been comping drum takes all day. I'm so stoked on these sounds."

"Vocals sound great through it too! At this point the whole album has been tracked through the 805 aside from toms, room mics, HH and ride."

Interlace Audio

Paul Chirka at OCL Studios

"I was blown away with how open and warm the 805 sounded on strings. The gain structure is pristine, and PAU's customer service is the thing of legends."

OCL Studios

Josh Rob Gwilliam at Pilot Audio

Things I love about it are:

"It's super clean and transparent. I can throw it on anything and I know it will be good.

The switch between xlr and instrument input is beautiful.

The knobs are the perfect size and couldn't get any smoother.

The only thing I don't like is a "just me thing". I like when pres break up a bit. This one doesn't. So really that's a good problem."

Pilot Audio

Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio

"I have always associated a clean preamp with being sterile but with the Model 805 you get high fidelity sound with all the musicality of a high end vintage pre. Tonally, it reminds me of early Steve Albini recordings that were done at Pachyderm, which is a sound I have always loved (see Jesus Lizard "Goat" and The Pixies "Surfer Rosa").

Everything I recorded with the 805 was tall, clear, but still pleasant and imaged very nicely. The low end is rich yet transparent. Almost 3D in a way."

Interlace Audio

Anthony Kuzub at APK Audio

"The design is modern opamps performing perfectly. It's unbelievably low noise and with all the relay switching,
I expect this piece of gear to outlast most other equipment on the market.

I was very impressed with the test results I got on the bench; It's ideal, it's just what you want in a mic pre-amp."